Words of the Author

“Provided that Western civilization does manage to survive, future generations will truly marvel at the manner in which political leaders were able to take the most advanced civilization in the history of man, and run it into the ground without a bat of an eyelash.”– Isaiah 

“What the push for a 15 dollar minimum wage boils down is a movement of people who truly believe it is only just to put a government gun to the head of any and all employers to coerce them into paying people a wage that they have never been paid before. But alas, we cannot forget the Democratic politicians, who truly provide a political platform for this act.” – Isaiah 

“Beware, if white men were to ever enjoy an advantage, such an occurrence would be constituted by white privilege and systematic barriers, but if minorities or women were to enjoy an advantage, no matter the way in which such were achieved, it would be a step in the right direction, a victory for equality.” – Isaiah 

“The way in which people buy into false narratives is more concerning to me than the actual proposition of such fairy tales.” – Isaiah

“Truth is brutal. Truth is effective. Truth is independent. Truth is necessary. It is everything that the modern Democratic politician is not.” – Isaiah 

“The same people who take to the streets to protest the oppression of blacks with this Black Lives Matter group, are the same people ignorant of the fact that blacks have been voting Democrat for the last 50 years. Decade after decade, the black community has been falling deeper into the depths of Tartarus, and yet, the majority truly believes that the same party that put them there is going to magically pull them out with the whim of pens and legislation.” – Isaiah

“It is contradictory, and therefore illogical, to complain about the economic failures of minorities and the discrimination they face but attack capitalism and promote central planning. In the economic system of capitalism, the most important color is not black or white, but green. You amass wealth by helping your fellow mam.” – Isaiah

“The Left loves to complain about greed. What centrally planned nation did not have individuals who were greedy? At what point in time did humans not want more, for themselves and for their family? I am greedy, I may want the salary of Bill Gates, but what will such a quality do on its own?” – Isaiah

“Arguments for the gender pay gap simply cannot survive a test of logic. There are a simple series of questions to defeat most of the arguments for the gender pay gap:

  1. What hard evidence do you have that employers in this country are colluding against women? 
  2. Why not fire all men and hire women?  
  3. What good would enacting equal pay legislation do with employers already willing to pay males more? 

“Modern feminism. It evades basic biological knowledge, promotes lies, and basks in silencing differing opinions. The philosophy absolutely does more harm than good.” – Isaiah





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